Artist-in-Residence Project

The “kiwisual Artist-in-Residence Project” invites artists of different artistic disciplines and cultural backgrounds for on-site creation that mainly involves conducting cross-over work on the “kiwisual Artistic Stones”. "1-art valley" is the base of the “kiwisual Artist-in-Residence Project”; located in suburban Guangzhou, "1-art valley" has facilities that include log cabins, RVs, fish ponds, Chinese and western cuisine and farms; through the residence project, "1-art valley" is aimed to be one of the platforms of arts and culture of the city.

The potentials of China’s art market have been under international spotlight; artists from around the globe, no matter on his own behalf or of official backgrounds, have been coming to China to interact with its art world. However, artist-in-residence projects are still a new thing and rarely heard of across the vast Mainland territory. A stable platform of thorough communication and on-site creation for artists is acutely called for, and “kiwisual” has decided to be a pioneer.

Initiators and organizers of “kiwisual” studied art and design at college, and have been incorporating art into life ever since; considerable resources of art and media have been accumulated over the years; artists invited for the “kiwisual” residence project will not only enjoy a multi-disciplinary platform for artistic creation, and they will also interact with local artists, galleries and media, making the residence a rich and profound experience.

"1-art valley", the base of “kiwisual” is located in suburban Guangzhou--- the Southern Gate of China, with the vast Chinese Mainland at the back, and neighboring Hong Kong--- one of the world’s most vibrant art market. Here you could indulge yourself in the culture of “bridges and creeks” of the gentle Southern China, or go over to Hong Kong within just a few hours and have a taste of the pluralistic and flourishing metropolis. Inspiration might lie amongst such aura, which is both traditional and open-minded.